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Ensuring sustainability is a fundamental priority of any arts organisation, and as a brand new organisation,

it's not surprising that this is a key goal for River City Voices.

Through our 2019 Plus1 fundraising campaign "Back River City Voices $ for $"

we received matched funding from Creative Partnerships Australia and public donations that enabled us to secure the tenure of our Artistic Director for 2020.

This support was priceless as the years 2020-22 have turned out to be very challenging

with singing organisations like ours particularly hit hard.

RCV has successfully met those challenges and has planned a

fabulous season of public programs for 2023 BUT we need your help!


Please consider making a DONATION

Either by PayPal

or by direct transfer to

Australian Mutual Bank

River City Voices Public Fund

BSB: 611 100

ACC: 100287187


All gifts over $2.00 are Tax Deductible.


Thank you for helping us make a difference!


Love choral singing?

Have a hankering to learn firsthand what it takes to run a choral organisation?

Have a few skills up your sleeve? - Legal, admin, web and/or social media savvy,

experience on a not-for-profit Board, marketing, research ?


Would love to hear from you so contact us

Our FoundationVisionary Partner

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Grant and Program Sponsors


Making Spaces & Organisational Grant

"Cumberland Gets Anime-ted!" held on Sunday August 18 2019 was made possible through a Create NSW Western Sydney Making Spaces Initiative grant received in 2018.

RCV appointed a part-time Development Manager for 2020 through a Create NSW Organisational grant.


Plus1 Matched


In 2018 River City Voices received a Plus1 grant from Creative Partnerships Australia to mount a fundraising campaign to secure the tenure of its Artistic Director for 2020.  A crowdfunding campaign was successfully mounted via the Australian Cultural Fund. 


Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 1.25.56 PM.png

Quarterly & Creative Economy Grant

City of Parramatta Council provided a Small Grant to River City Voices to assist with costs associated with hiring and moving two grand pianos for its inaugural performance and Parramatta premiere of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana and in 2021, RCV will use grant funds from CoP's Creative Economy Grant to fund its collaborative recording Welded Voices

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 1.28.05 PM.png

2020 Choral Commission

JBS&G Australia is providing support to commission two new choral works from Western Sydney based Indigenous composers Troy Russell and Elizabeth Sheppard

The new works will premiere at the 2021 Blackheath Choral Festival

Pro Bono Support


Campaign Supporters

Tributaries - $2,000 +

Ann Hordern

Creeks - $1,000 +

Sydney Credit Union - Parramatta

Ars Musica Australis

Seth Molinari


Streams - $500 +

Jason Coates

Andrew Christie

Anon (1)

Brooks - $100 +

Steven Adams | Grace Bondoc | Leonie Cambage

Jean Callaghan | Don Church | Lisa Cooper | Maria Costello

Philip Gerber | Prue Gibbs | Beatrice & Miguel Gomez

David Hoffmann | Morris Johnston | Ros Lenehan

Christine Logan | Kate Mannix | Inara Molinari | Angela Ngu Michael O'Brien | Mathisha Panagoda | Bonnie Pang

Judy Pettingell | Wendy Robinson | Robert Samuel

Nicole Senior | William Soper | Isabelle Taye | Diana Weston & Paul Ryan | Helen White | Liz Wilson

Anon (4)


Russell Ashley | Jake Ausburn | Franca Barraclough

Graham Baker | Jennifer Baker | Richard & Diana Bayley Stephen Bowness | Patrick Boyle | Candida Carr

Catherine Carr | Anthony Chen | Vonda Copleston

Carole Cusack | Lachlan Drummond | Owen Elsley

Breann Fallon | Warwick Fyfe | Natalia Gabriel

Anthony Gerber | Andrew Graham | Anne Hines

Marie Hotschilt | Deborah Howitt | Daniel Hurrell

Diana Jefferies | Anthony Joseph | Natalie Jurisic

Nerissa Karklins | Leonard Lau | Virginia Leghorn

Amisone Lele | Robert Love | Malcolm McPherson

Mel Mel | Harriet Mestitz | Anita Molinari | Lily Molinari  Kristofer Morgan | Giang Nguyen | Andrew O'Connor Phreciosa Patacsil | Daniel Placido | Allan & Ann Piper

Barbara Rose | Jo-Anne Stavely | Naomi von Senff

Marie Senior | Ridwan Setiawan | Tilly South

Koen van Stade | Hiroko Uchihara | Glenn Waworuntu  Michael West | Hendy Widjaja

Anon (12)

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