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River City Voices held its first rehearsal in February 2019, so we're still brand new. You can play an integral role as we develop and join us on our journey in a number of key ways...

Sing with us

River City Voices choristers are passionate and committed vocalists who love to be challenged and who strive for excellence. They enjoy the thrill of uniting and blending with many voices.  They don't necessarily have classical training, ability to sight read music or have perfect pitch, but they do have a good ear, can harmonise, hold their part and navigate their way around a choral score. Our singers are willing and able to meet the demands of whatever choral works are thrown their way, sometimes in a hurry! Above all, River City Voices choristers are enthusiastic, fun-loving and generous performers, keen to share the power, immediacy and intimacy of choral singing with western Sydney audiences, wherever and however!


Cloisters Hall, Marist Place, PARRAMATTA

6.30 - 9.30PM

If you would like to observe a rehearsal, please contact the General Manager,

Inara Molinari via to arrange a suitable rehearsal day.

WHEN: Monday 23 October 2023. From 6.00pm.

HOW: Complete the online booking form HERE

and we will contact you.

WHAT: Everything you need to know HERE

Audition For River City Voices 2024 Intake

Work with us

There are currently no vacancies.

Collaborate with us

Volunteer with us

Love choral singing?

Have a hankering to learn firsthand what it takes to run a choral organisation?

Have a few skills up your sleeve? - Legal, admin, web and/or social media savvy,

experience on a not-for-profit Board, marketing, research ?

Would love to hear from you so contact us

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