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Our Team Singers

Our auditioned singers come from across western Sydney and beyond - bringing to the choir a vast range of life and musical experience and from a variety of backgrounds and occupations. Every week our choristers demonstrate their passion for singing as a united force, one that strives for vocal beauty, blend and uniqueness. They also share a spirit of generosity

and camaraderie which makes River City Voices such a welcoming, dynamic and fun organisation to be a part of.



Back Row: Tilly South | Jennifer Baker | Klara Bruveris

Front Row: Kate Mannix | Naomi von Senff | Lynn Taye | Maria Oei

Absent: Maria Costello | Nicole Senior | Deborah Howitt


From Left: Sarah White | Catherine Dolle-Samuel | Marcia Ruff

Laima Karklins | Nancy Nicholls | Catherine Carr

Absent: Helen Yiu | Karla Stewart-Sykes | Catherine Lyons

Danica Gluvakov


From Left: Amisone Lele | Richard Heagren-Gibbs | Joshua Lenehan

Gabriel Newman | Peter Nguyen


From Left: Michael West | TiMi Thomas | Kris Morgan

Absent: Philip Gerber | Geoff Kerr