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Virtual Choir Video Submissions


Step 1: Choose Your Voice Part


You'll need a click track to sing to - download yours from the Google Drive folder below.

Click tracks are now available for all voice parts, as well as a video of Sarah conducting. Thanks to Joanna and Connor for the guide tracks (Connor, who is our video editor, rustled up the Tenor/Bass guides as a bonus for us).

Huge thanks to Dominic who has synced Sarah's conducting video with the click tracks for each voice part. They are in the Sub-folder "conducting videos synced with different parts"


If you are confident with your part, you may prefer to record using the conducting video instead of the guide track. There’s also a ‘cheat sheet’ with performance notes (cut-offs, breathing etc).




Step 2: Make Your Recording

We want to create a particular atmosphere with this piece - warm, quiet, safe, beautiful.




                     TOP TIP FOR RECORDING:  ADD A SMILE. It’ll really come across.

When you've practised enough and feel ready to record, put on concert blacks (long sleeved black clothes - we want your face to be highlighted).


Find a place at home that is quiet. We need you to record your video at night, or in the dark (so if you can only record during the day, go to your darkest room and close the blinds).



See the sample photos to get a feeling for what we’re after.


•  Soft lamplight, or warm, low wattage globes, is better than white or blue light;

•  Add a candle or two for extra softness;

•  A dark background is better than a white wall;

•  Too light is better than too dark;

•  Use your computer webcam to check light levels if you’re not sure - if it looks okay on a webcam, it’ll look okay on anything!


ACCEPTABLE - one candle, white walls, and distant light source (wall lamp 5m away). If the walls were darker, this would be perfect.






















You'll need two devices - one to video yourself, and one to listen to the click track. If you haven’t memorised your music, position it so it’s out of shot if possible, and try to look into the camera as much as possible.


If you’d prefer to sing to the conducting video instead of the click track, that’s fine, but make sure your headphones are long enough that you can put the video directly behind your camera. The backing track mustn’t be audible on your recording.


TIP: Regardless of how you record, make sure you look like you are looking

straight at the camera as much as possible.





Set your camera up so it's stable (try not to hold it in your hand). Please film in portrait (your device’s short edge becomes the bottom of the screen, so the film is taller than it is wide).






















Step 1: start your camera on your first device.

Step 2: stand in your position for filming and put in your second device’s headphones.

Step 3: start the click track.

Step 4: on the click track, you'll hear Sarah count, '1, 2, 3'. After you hear this, clap loudly on the next ‘1’.

SARAH: 1, 2, 3!

YOU: Clap! (The clapping will help us line up the sound on all the recordings.)

Then, sing along with the recording! 


You can record as many times as you need to feel comfortable. If you worry your voice doesn’t sound its best when you hear it alone, without any accompaniment, trust that we’ll be able to mix everyone together well.


Choose your single best take to submit. Please don’t submit multiple takes of the same voice part.

*You will probably need to send the video to your computer before you can upload it. Depending on your technology, you can email it to yourself, airdrop it, upload it to your own cloud storage to access from your computer or connect your phone via USB and upload it.


Step 3: Name Your Recording

To help us identify the tracks, we need your voice part, (S1, S2, A1, A2 etc), first name, and last name initial, plus RCV:



(For example, Lynn would call her file S1_Lynn_T_RCV.mp4)


Step 4: Submit Your Video - Video submission date: midnight Friday 23rd October


Upload your video as a .wav or .mp4 file to our Video Submission folder. This folder is for everyone participating in the project, so we'd be grateful if you don't watch anything else in the folder; please keep it a surprise!

If you use an iPhone, your default format for the video will be .MOV  . you will need to convert it to mp4


By uploading your video, you agree to River City Voices using it in a virtual choir video, which we'll share publicly online. Also, you understand that we will need to edit the videos we receive and may not be able to use of all of your recording.


If you get really stuck uploading your video, you can email them, or a Dropbox/iCloud/Drive link, direct to Sarah at






FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions


Oh no - I’ve just made my video and don’t like how I sound. What can I do?

This is the number one thing we hear from pretty much everyone who makes a virtual choir recording. We all sound way worse than we think when our recording is totally nude (i.e. without any backing or editing).

Try not to worry too much. Sarah’s heard a lot of different nude voices over the years and isn’t interested in critiquing you. Be particularly precise about cut-offs and it’ll be easier to mix you in.

We’ll make sure the video sounds good - Sarah will work with our talented sound engineer Josh to edit everything as well as possible.

Finally, when singing, try to put as much heart and energy into it as possible. It’s amazing how this comes across in a recording. A bit of a smile also makes the world of difference.


Can I record with more than one person?

No - the way we’re building this video we need one person per shot.


Can I record more than one voice part?

Sure! We’ll only use one of your videos but more than happy to mix your various voices into the sound.

 OR standing in a dark hallway with a side room light on + one candle

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